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IHS prepares its students to face current and future challenges by inculcating a solid value system and teaching them to stay true to the school motto ‘Do well all you do’.

From modeling polite and courteous behavior to an insistence on punctuality to championing restorative justice approaches or rewarding honesty, we focus on creating a strong attitudinal foundation. Our students learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings openly, be courageous, speak their own truth and stand up for what they think is right, even in the face of resistance or adversity. A range of initiatives actively encourage them to be kind and responsible, thinking beyond themselves and treating one another with fairness, respect and understanding. 

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Social issues

I will be empathetic to those less privileged than myself.
I will do whatever I can to make a difference, however small, in their lives.

Here's how an IHS graduate views different issues


I will always give my best effort to anything I undertake.
I will always fulfill any commitments I make.

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Gender issues

All genders are equal in every respect.
No gender is superior to any other.
No task is gender-specific.
I will treat people of other genders as my equals.

Here's how an IHS graduate views different issues


I acknowledge the uniqueness of every human being, and accept each individual as a human being worthy of my respect.
Differences of caste, creed, religion, community, appearance, or race do not matter to me; we are all, at our cores, human beings with the same emotions, motivations, and needs.

Here's how an IHS graduate views different issues


Friendships are bonds of trust.
I will never betray that trust.

Here's how an IHS graduate views different issues