We offer an environment replete with all the tools students need in order to learn and grow.

IHS offers students everything they need to support their learning and growth. Smart classrooms, well-equipped science and computer laboratories, a vast library, a 4000-sft auditorium, and generous play areas meet their every educational need.


Creating learning-friendly spaces

Our building features spacious, well-lit and -ventilated classrooms equipped with Smart screens for 21st-century learning. Supported learning sessions take place in a spacious Learning Lab. Four computer labs and fully-equipped science laboratories give students hands-on experience and the technological expertise required for a digital world. Our preschoolers have fun in dedicated play areas, while students of Classes 1-10 enjoy using the basketball court and large field for sports and games.A 4000 sq.ft. auditorium provides the ideal setting for school programs, workshops and guest talks. Our well-stocked library is designed to encourage the reading and research habit, and our new annex houses a counseling room, a music room, an infirmary, and a clean and hygienically maintained kitchen to cater to our preschoolers’ nutritional needs.


Safe and convenient travel for students.

Innisfree House School owns and operates a fleet of buses equipped with all safety measures mandated by law, including correctly displayed signage, GPS, fire extinguishers, CCTV cameras, a first-aid box, and speed governors. Our transport team has devised structured emergency policies and procedures, and all our drivers and attendants are police-verified. Bus routes cover many key areas of South Bangalore.


Enhanced learning with smart classrooms.

Every classroom from Class 1 to 10 is tech-enabled with a plasma SmartScreen featuring with advanced audio/visual learning capabilities, networking, and assistive learning and response technology. Four computer labs with a total of 125 firewall-protected systems help students use technology with ease and confidence; our staff rooms are also computer-equipped. Students are given hands-on experience learning web design, computer ethics, and how to use software like Python, Dreamweaver, BlueJ, and animation software. Our school office is also driven by technology. In keeping with our ‘no paper’ policy, communication with the parent community takes place only through emails, SMS and an ERP system.