Physical health

Eating healthy and staying active are an integral part of school life.

At IHS, we teach students to care for their bodies through physical activity and proper nutrition.

Poor physical health is detrimental to the ability to learn effectively. Health problems like obesity, chronic fatigue, and sleep deprivation can be worsened by lack of physical activity and poor nutrition, and lead to challenges that prevent students from achieving their academic potential. Our comprehensive wellness policy and emphasis on exercising and eating well help our students build a strong foundation of health and fitness to carry them into adulthood.

Physical activity

  • Students are encouraged to be energetic, active and physically fit
  • Our curriculum-based sports program teaches students the importance of physical fitness and its impact on overall wellbeing
  • A minimum of three to five physical education classes each week contribute to cardiovascular and musculo-skeletal health   


  • In order to inculcate healthy food habits as early as possible, IHS provides preschool students with a glass of milk and a healthy mid-morning snack, hygienically and freshly prepared in our own kitchen.
  • Health Ambassadors from Class 10 eat lunch with younger students once a week , and ask them questions about their food habits, physical activity, and sleep routine, giving them friendly and timely advice for improvement as required. Any anomalies they observe are reported to the class teacher for further action, if necessary.

Wellness policy

  • Student health information is collected twice a year to enable us to track changes in health status
  • Our fully-equipped infirmary is staffed by a qualified nurse who attends to minor injuries and diagnoses simple ailments like fever. 
  • If the nurse recommends further intervention, students are immediately escorted to Ramakrishna Hospital in Jayanagar 3rd Block for immediate medical attention.
  • In the interests of all students, we have a strict policy that prohibits students from attending school if they are unwell. Our continuous assessment policy ensures that illness-related absence does not significantly impact grades.