Learning Through Play

Studies show that active kids do better in school. At IHS, we focus on giving students the competence and confidence they need to regularly engage in physical activity. 

Everyday Play

We believe that physical activity is an essential part of school life, and offer students ample opportunities for exercise and play. Since 2013, we have been partnered with FitKids for school-wide implementation of Leapstart, India’s leading curriculum-driven sports education program. The Leapstart program focuses on inculcating age-appropriate motor skills as well as important concepts such as teamwork; form and posture; and game-specific rules, techniques and etiquette. 

At all levels, a minimum of three classes each week are devoted to physical education; preschoolers enjoy physical activity five days a week (in addition to daily free play at our architect-designed dedicated indoor play area). Our basketball court is always in use, and, in a testament to their love of the game, generations of alumni return each year to participate in the Inter-batch Alumni Basketball Playoffs. 

Competitive Sport

At IHS, we recognize the importance of competition–and although we encourage our students to do well all they do, we never over-prioritize the idea of winning. There’s little doubt that competitive sport provides an opportunity to learn about discipline, focus, and teamwork. However, we at IHS believe that it also offers bigger life lessons: how to set goals, how to be fair, how to handle disappointment, how to learn from mistakes, and how to be gracious in defeat. 

Not only are our students encouraged to participate in inter-house and inter-school sporting events–if they are interested in participating in sporting competitions outside of the school’s ambit, we go the extra mile to support them every step of the way.