The true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 
Mrs. Arati Dinesh, Principal

Mrs. Arati Dinesh began her career as a preschool teacher at Innisfree House School  in 1998. She holds a Masters degree in Economics and teaching certification from Cambridge University. Over the years, Mrs. Dinesh has taught classes at all levels, and continues to teach High school IGCSE Economics. She has also held positions that provided her with a deep insights into staff- as well as student-related concerns and outlooks.

Mrs. Dinesh is a passionate educator, dedicated to make learning both intense and pleasurable. Her interest lies in exploring unconventional pedagogies and making them work within conventional educational frameworks. To that end, she keeps herself abreast of pedagogical best practices by attending workshops, seminars and conferences related to global education. 

A firm believer in the idea that a motivated faculty can propel students to new heights, she spurs them on ceaselessly to be and do their very best. In her role as school Principal, she strives to bring alive the Founder’s vision while adding value with practices suited to 21st-century learners.

Mrs. Vidya Sriraman, Dean

Mrs. Vidya Sriraman holds an M.Sc in Biochemistry from Haffkine Institute , Mumbai. She began her teaching career in 1984, and joined IHS in 1993.

From the start, Mrs. Sriraman has been passionate about sustainability, and worked closely with Alternative Initiatives for Development to install a paper recycling unit at our premises which even today, meets 100% of the school’s requirement for craft paper. 

In 2011, Mrs. Sriraman took on the mantle of Vice-Principal, and was a key member of the team responsible for introducing the IGCSE curriculum at IHS. As the school’s first IGCSE Co-ordinator, she organized training workshops for staff members and implemented an IG partner-program in conjunction with other schools.

Mrs. Sriraman has held the position of Dean since 2015. In her capacity as Dean, she ensures the seamless transfer of knowledge pertaining to pedagogical best practices and drives all of our experiential learning initiatives. Mrs. Sriraman is a committed advocate for the use of technology in education. Recognizing that technology is rapidly changing how we live and learn, she believes that 21st century skills must be acquired by students and teachers alike.

Ms. Suman Bolar, School Administrator

Ms. Suman Bolar is a founding trustee of the Bolar Education Trust, which runs Innisfree House School. Ms. Bolar graduated from St. Joseph’s College of Commerce in 1991, and embarked on a corporate writing career that has spanned close to 30 years. She thinks of herself as an eternal learner, believing that a person’s ability to teach is directly proportional to their willingness to learn.

Since 2012, Ms. Bolar has played a hands-on role at IHS, ensuring that the school remains abreast of global best practices in education, communication, and technology adoption. As School Administrator, she brings to the table not only her extensive work and entrepreneurial experience, but also insights gained from varied passions and interests, including mental health awareness, books, food, and travel. Over the years, she has been instrumental in introducing ongoing student assessment norms, forming IHS’ Student Council, Staff Council, and Parent Advisory Team, and implementing school-wide process improvements. 

Committed to keeping the school’s founding vision alive, Ms. Bolar’s single-minded goal is to carry the founder’s legacy on to greater heights. She is a fierce and proud guardian of the school’s ethos.

Mrs. Manisha Shetty, Vice-Principal

Mrs. Manisha Shetty holds a Masters degree in Home Science, and began her career as a Professor of Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics in 1991. She has been a teacher for over two decades, and believes that education is a fire that burns even in the harshest storm, guiding one throughout life. Few things give her as much joy as watching a young learner grasp a concept for the first time.

Mrs. Shetty joined the IHS family in 2001. Over the years, she has held positions as subject co-ordinator, section head, and Student Council advisor. As the Vice-Principal of Innisfree House School and the Section Head of the Middle School, she aspires to make a difference in the educational experience of students at IHS. She believes that education should not be confined to classrooms or examination scores, instead extending to the ability to think critically, be creative, collaborate with others, and communicate well. Her goal with every student is to create a learner for life.