School life

Snapshots of the IHS school experience.

To us, all-round development is far more important than test scores.

We encourage our students to do and to be the very best that they can in every aspect of their lives – not merely academics. Our motto is ‘Do Well All You Do’. That’s why we focus on inculcating our core values of integrity, honesty, and sincerity as lifelong habits in every student.


The human brain develops most rapidly between birth and age five, making the preschool years a crucial part of a child’s education. At Innisfree House School, we help children make the most of these years—academically, socially, physically and emotionally.

Life at preschool:

Each day starts with circle time, an activity that involves sharing feelings, stories and positive affirmations. Learning begins with Montessori activities and exploratory, hands-on learning activities in language, number work and  general awareness; pre-reading and reading sessions enhance listening, comprehension, and focus. Play time involves both a structured curriculum for motor-skill development as well as free play in dedicated indoor and outdoor play areas with safe equipment and cognitive/sensory play material. Other activities include art and craft, rhymes and music, and story time with puppet theatre. Preparatory students enjoy computer classes, library, and life skills classes that teach them how to fold and button shirts, lace shoes, brush teeth, eat healthy, and be polite.

  • Stress free learning: no-homework policy and no formal assessments
  • Integrated curriculum in a Montessori environment
  • Child-centred, self-directed activities, hands-on learning and collaborative play
  • Experiential learning at each child’s own pace
  • Structured sports curriculum
  • Themed assembly
  • Healthy snack program
  • Family Day
  • Fancy dress, recitation, and storytelling to boost confidence
  • Field trips
  • Celebration of important religious and national festivals

Classes 1-4

We believe that learning should be a joyful experience and that childhood should be about exploration and play. That’s why we do not assign students homework until Class 4. Built on the foundation of quality education,  our Primary school program offers students an experiential learning environment that ensures all-round development.

Life at Primary school:

Circle time continues to strengthen the bonds formed at preschool. At the primary level, most learning is activity-based, with students working individually or in groups. Daily fun on the field involves learning the skills required to excel at  specific sports and games. Life skills, discussion of news and interesting  snippets in NIE classes, and bonding with senior buddies during lunch hour round out the day. Weekly art and craft, computer, and library sessions hone creativity, technology, and informational skill sets.

  • No homework policy for the students of classes 1-3
  • Minimal homework in two subjects for Class 4, to be completed over the weekend
  • Exposure to and participation in literary events via Annual day and Vistas, our inter-school competition (Class 4 only)
  • Music
  • Mindfulness classes
  • Creativity in Science
  • Theatre visits
  • Field/educational trips

Classes 5-7

Our program for Classes 5-7 provides students with real-life experiences and authentic learning opportunities. Whether it’s a classroom-based lesson, differentiated learning, or a digital experience, we ensure that the students are able to engage with purpose in learning experiences that stimulate thought and result in deeper understanding and improved achievement.

Life at Middle school:

The day begins with a morning assembly featuring prayers from different religions. A daily Restorative Justice circle helps build community within the classroom and empowers students to understand, address and repair harm through dialogue. In terms of academics, subject-specific classes are designed to seamlessly integrate the 4Cs of learning. A structured sports curriculum teaches students specific skills required for various team games. Weekly music, cooking, art and library classes keep the school week interesting. 

  • Home work is assigned not more than in two subjects per day
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)
  • Participation in sustainability-related activities (gardening, paper recycling, waste management)
  • Participation in literary events via interschool competitions
  • Expert talks on a variety of topics
  • Creativity in Science
  • Theatre visits
  • Annual day and sports day participation

Classes 8-10

During the high school years, the focus shifts to academic rigour and life skills. we provide students with opportunities to sharpen their leadership skills, offering sufficient guidance programs in career opportunities along with other life skills classes.

Life at High school:

Morning assembly features prayers from different religions, followed by a student-led, school-wide presentation (topical, relevant to global issues like sustainability, conservation, bullying, stigma, and more). Subject-wise conceptual learning occurs through interaction, discussion, presentations, peer learning, teacher-led and self-directed initiatives. Restorative Justice circles continue to help them strengthen their mental resolve to face future challenges confidently. High-schoolers have a buddy system where every student eats lunch with their junior buddies in the classroom. These are opportunities for them to bond with their schoolmates and instill healthy eating habits, sort out interpersonal concerns and bullying issues.  Fun on the field helps hone their skills in various sports and games to help create the perfect physical and mental balance.

  • Homework in only two subjects each day
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation
  • Career preparation through talks and presentations from alumni and others
  • Restorative Justice circles
  • Community service projects
  • Participation in inter-school events
  • Internship programs