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Our Philosophy

The purpose of education is to prepare students to face any challenge life throws their way with kindness, confidence, and courage.

Our Motto

"Do Well All You Do." We live by this credo, encouraging students to give their all and be their very best in even the smallest of things they choose to do.

Our Values

IHS stands for Integrity, Honesty, and Sincerity. We believe that staying true to yourself, speaking your truth, and feeling comfortable in your own skin are the strongest foundations for happiness.

21st Century Skills

Empowering students with essential tools for a fast-paced future.

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Why IHS?

The answer is simple: we focus on inculcating core values and skills.

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Education is not about academic performance alone.

  • It is about developing students’ social, emotional, and practical skills.
  • It is about teaching students how to think for themselves; how to be independent; and how to speak their truth.
  • It is about focusing on giving students problem-solving skills rather than showing them predefined paths to solutions.
  • It is about making students responsible for their learning rather than taking responsibility for their learning.
  • It is about leading students by example rather than leading them by the hand.

Our commitment to parents

We will do our best to ensure that your child grows up to be a kind, fair, honest, and productive global citizen.
Shaping students to:
  • Think independently
  • Look after themselves physically and emotionally
  • Overcome any challenges life throws their way
  • Display courage of conviction
Teaching students to:
  • Be polite, kind, and empathetic
  • Choose honesty
  • Be confident and outspoken
  • Be diligent and hardworking
Parental involvement and collaboration
We view parents as partners in our students’ emotional, academic, and mental growth. Our parent community is encouraged to communicate and collaborate with us via multiple channels
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Our Alumni

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